Real Estate Development

Kihli is actively involved in the development and sale of luxury summer houses in Greece.

These projects are owned and developed by Kihli. Land selection and acquisition, financing, contracting and coordination of architects and designers, project management, and marketing are all performed in-house. External collaborators such as architects and engineers are selected on a case by case basis.

The successful completion of the first real estate project in 2002 on the island of Spetses gave us the necessary experience to develop a larger project of seven luxury houses in Spetses, construction of which was completed in 2008.

Development Opportunities

Kihli has examined joint ventures and combined-risk real estate developments in various locations in Greece. Owners of dormant real estate assets may be looking for development opportunities without having to be heavily involved in the project, or may be wishing to maintain ownership stakes throughout the project’s duration.

Careful planning, clear approvals and detailed reporting on technical, commercial and financial progress would again be the basis for a mutually beneficial cooperation.

Properties for Sale


The "Spezzie" project resulted in the development of seven fully-independent luxury homes in the Kastelli neighborhood on the island of Spetses just south of Athens. All seven houses, each with its private swimming pool boast unique panoramic views over the island’s two harbors, the sea and the Peloponnese.

The design and construction of these residential properties combine the developer’s understanding of the requirements of a Greek summer house, respect of local architectural style, compliance to building regulations as well as the selection of modern yet simple engineering solutions. The development has been awarded the "2008 Best Development South-Eastern Europe Award" at the exclusive Homes Overseas Awards in London.

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Past Projects

Kihli’s first real estate project was Kokkinaria, a development of four luxury homes in the neighborhood of Kokkinaria on the island of Spetses. The four individual houses were successfully sold soon after completion.