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About Us

Our mission at Kihli is to creatively conceptualize, rationally and efficiently develop, profitably invest-in and operate boutique hotels and residential real estate projects of the highest quality.

Our vision is to turn unique small to mid-size real estate assets into signature properties featuring signature services and amenities by applying our creativity and skills to the specific assets and their related markets and then bringing out the best in our carefully selected and well trained team members.

We strive to attract passionate and team-oriented professionals in order to create inviting environments in which we deliver authentic hospitality to our guests. We aim to deliver unique hospitality experiences by bringing ‘philoxenia’ ("love of strangers") to all aspects of our work.


Kihli was co-founded by brothers Angelos and Christos Seferiades in 2003 with the vision of becoming a leader and innovator in the area of boutique hotel management in Greece. The team quickly found its niche in the market and soon after its establishment added residential real estate development to its activities.

Kihli’s aim is the future development of mixed-use projects combining small luxury hotels with managed luxury residential properties.

Meet our team

Christos Seferiades

After graduating from Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration with a concentration in Real Estate Finance, Christos worked in different fields such as hotel operations, hospitality consulting, and the wine industry. His international career has led him from a California winery to managing an exclusive resort in Zanzibar, before co-founding Kihli Hotel Enterprises where he is responsible for hotel operations..

Angelos Seferiades

Over the last twenty years, Angelos has built a strong career in hospitality, finance and banking. With a degree in Finance and Real Estate from Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration, Angelos began his career at Alpha Finance in Athens and Bucharest. He was then responsible for the hotel activities of J&P (Athenaeum InterContinental and "YES Hotels").

Angelos is an active member of the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises - www.sete.gr

Panos Tsoumpas

Panos is a key member of Kihli’s team. He joined Kihli in 2005 and is responsible for all technical aspects of Kihli’s projects. Panos’ experience includes over 25 years of project management of real estate and hotel renovation projects as well as the management of the technical departments of both construction and hospitality companies.

Stratos Stamateris

Stratos has been with Kihli for a total of 6 years and is in charge of financial data inputting, daily and monthly reporting as well as liaising with each hotel's accounting office. Stratos has worked in the hospitality industry even since graduating from XXX in 2006.

Marina Kontopoulou

Marina's degree and work experience in graphic design has proven important when it comes to coordinating each hotel's needs with our external communications lab: menus, brochures, newsletters, etc. In addition, Marina's experience in event organizing bring valuable expertise for all the requirements at the hotels.

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